The first of its kind.


The new barracuda® compact bucket wheel excavator conserves resources and spares the enviroment


The new compact bucket wheel excavator is an impressive sight. It is capable of tackling even particularly hard material layers with ease. The newly developed bucket and tooth design immediately catches the eye and enables the barracuda® to excavate material with average hardnesses of up to 50 MPa. And that’s pretty hard – by comparison, rocky ground has a hardness of up to 20 MPa. So environmentally harmful and dangerous blasting is no longer necessary in many open pit mines with this new type of compact bucket wheel excavator.


„The barracuda® is a good example of an innovative mining solution that offers added value to customers while also conserving resources.“

When developing new products, the engineers from thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions focus first and foremost on how they will benefit the customer. At the same time environmental protection, energy efficiency, and climate protection are integral components of the company’s engineering and its environmental management system. The barracuda® is a good example of an innovative mining solution that offers added value to customers while also conserving resources. 

barracuda® Compact

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barracuda® System

The Huaneng Group – one of China’s biggest independent power generators – recently ordered the world’s first barracuda® from thyssenkrupp for its Yimin He mine in northern Inner Mongolia. The barracuda® will be able to play to its strengths here and continue to excavate the frozen overburden even at temperatures below minus
30 degrees Celsius.

Material flow

The two companies have a long and successful partnership. This is the second time that thyssenkrupp has succeeded in convincing the Huaneng Group to invest in a promising and innovative technology. Back in 2006 the Chinese customer bought what was at the time the first fully mobile crawler-mounted crushing plant. It enabled the continuous extraction and transportation of coal via conveyor systems, significantly reducing the number of trucks used in the mine. It is still in operation today, offering a throughput of 3,000 tons per hour. 

The barracuda®, which has a capacity of 6,700 loose cubic meters per hour, is part of a new continuous mining system for overburden. From the barracuda® the overburden is transported via a belt wagon and a conveyor system to a spreader, which deposits it onto a stockpile. Industrial Solutions’ scope includes engineering, delivery, erection supervision, and commissioning of the complete system.

Sensor based
assistent system

The bottom line: Thanks to the thyssenkrupp barracuda®, an innovative compact bucket wheel excavator, dangerous and environmentally harmful blasting is no longer necessary in many open pit mines. After all, the barracuda® can excavate material with an average hardness of up to 50 MPa at up to 6,700 loose cubic meters per hour. At a mine in northern Inner Mongolia the barracuda® is even operating successfully at temperatures below –30°C.