Smart stockyard and port solutions for more efficient, more productive and safer bulk handling.

A fully automated and digitized material handling process enhances equipment efficiency and availability, which ultimately leads to increased productivity and lower operational costs. thyssenkrupp’s services and solutions for smart material handling include digital maintenance assistance systems (MAS) and systems for stockpile management and drone-based inspections. All conveyor systems and handling machines involved in such a process function fully automatically and can be operated from a central control room, while anti-collision systems ensure the safe operation of large-scale equipment.

Increased system availability 

Our digital maintenance assistance system (MAS) visualizes, plans and schedules maintenance tasks usagetime-based , and the maintenance areas displayed. MAS is mobile device-ready, fitted with a secure user authentication and authorization management system, and easy to custom-configure for company-specific maintenance.

Full process transparency

We combine material flow detection with pile scanning instruments to create a digitized 3D stockpile model that is updated in real time and allows multiple machines to work simultaneously on the same stockpile. As each step is documented and visualized, full process transparency is ensured. 3D visualization of the stockpile condition and shape allows pile gaps to be detected and refilled with new material. Through coordinating all stockyard machines the number of unnecessary movements is reduced and efficiency enhanced.

Building on our competence in system integration and digitization, we can provide customers with a fully automated and digitized infrastructure to make the entire process of raw material handling more efficient and safer.

Martin Krex 
Global Product Manager for Automation and Digitization
thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

Efficient inspection by drone 

Drone-based inspections enable in-depth, cost-efficient and safe insights into the status of machinery and plant equipment for evaluation purposes – even in hard-to-access terrain. Images captured by drones can be processed to create 3D models for status reports, engineering support or measurements, which is especially useful for precise volume calculations in mining operations or stockyards. Drones fitted with thermal cameras can supplement the 3D models to enable condition monitoring or reveal any temperature-related damage. Our smart stockyard and port solution is rounded off by a reporting and consulting service that provides customers with a precisely documented machine and system history. This enables us to determine the optimization potential of a plant, individual machines or an entire operation. Last but not least, we can also anticipate machine faults at an early stage and thus avoid possible damage.


The bottom line: The services we offer to fully automate and digitalize material handling processes can reduce machine and equipment downtime while helping to increase productivity and safety during bulk handling operations in stockyards or ports.