Providing Digitally Innovative Remote Support For On-Site Services

thyssenkrupp’s 360-support through digital solutions are based on long-standing international experience and could reinforce Turkey’s mining sectors’ ambitious goal of meeting USD 5 billion in export this year set by the Istanbul Mineral Exporters' Association (IMIB).

Equipping mining plants with digital solutions has been on the raise in recent times, but coupled with the current outbreak of Covid-19, it led to a plethora of unharnessed digital solutions being utilised in the best way possible.

Scope of Turkey’s Digital Economy

With the 11th Development Plan, the Turkish Government and private sector are working together to grow the nation into a USD 1.1 trillion economy in the next three years. According to McKinsey’s recent Future of Work white paper, Automation, AI, and Digital Technologies could result in some job losses, but gains in productivity, increased investment, and growth of the service economy; leading to the creation of as many as 3.1 million jobs in Turkey by 2030.

Need for a strong 360-degree remote service in the mining sector  

At thyssenkrupp, we understand the importance of digitisation. Married with more than 150 years of experience in Turkey, thyssenkrupp Mining Solutions provides one of the most modern, innovative and customised digital solutions for support and, services that transform the mining sector’s field service.

The world is consistently moving forward and with that understanding, thyssenkrupp has long made remote servicing a permanent service to all mining clients, in addition to on-site inspections. With the complexities the current situation brings, remote servicing has never been so important as having a Direct Support Engineer onsite is imaginably difficult. thyssenkrupp provides remote services primarily through two digital tools, which have proven to bring an added advantage to our mining clients in a variety of ways.

To ensure 360-degree support, thyssenkrupp Turkey uses innovative approaches and unique digital tools as such our smart glasses and the Remi-Cam to assure its mining clients have business continuity.  Services such as 24/7 first level support are offered from our team in Turkey while advanced remote support from its team in Germany is available remotely.

Through the combination of smart glasses and the app, a field-service customer in Turkey can directly connect with a mining expert in Germany. This enables the Turkish service team to perform first level support such as instant on-site trouble-shooting. Digital support such as exchanging drawings, analysing any equipment faults, etc. are available for ease of servicing. The digital tool also assist customers in addressing their concerns swiftly while significantly reducing costs needed to resolve any on-site challenges and help plan upcoming operations efficiently.

The Remi-Cam on the other hand, is an innovative helmet camera system with a pair of smart glasses, used in situations where advanced remote support is needed. The digital tool records data in real time and shares live data with its experts in Germany or Turkey enabling real time trouble shooting and regular maintenance services for more complex and time-consuming issues. This saves a tremendous amount of time and servicing cost as engineers generally have to fly over. Customers simply need a mobile phone or tablet to contact a thyssenkrupp expert.

Other than utilizing our digital tools, our team at thyssenkrupp Mining Turkey provides existing support via Microsoft Teams for on-site support in case of plant and equipment problems. To provide comprehensive and long-term support for planned maintenance, inspections, troubleshooting or technically demanding repair work on-site, thyssenkrupp also offers its professional Remote Support Service. This service allows for virtual presence and mobile support, no matter where you are in the world. Clients can consult thyssenkrupp experts via live stream video conference channels to fulfill their need for a quick solution and analysis, and expert ideas for the right path to solutions for your site.

The bottom line: Boosting the Mining Sector in Turkey - With immense expertise in industrial solutions and digital tools, thyssenkrupp is able to provide an array of services to customers, reiterating its position as a leading partner in engineering and construction, and servicing of industrial plants and systems. The provision of 360-degree support available at the click of a button will considerably help the mining sector in Turkey to ensure increased productivity and zero downtime.