polysius® connect – Performance improvement of cement plants thanks to remote control

Within the scope of polysius® connect, our experts in the remote control room in Beckum, Germany, hold the reins – if required, 24/7. The Beckum remote control room is the communication center for our remote services. Here, we generate a real-time copy of our customer's CCR. Secure VPN connections enable us to access our customer's machine control systems. Via PC, tablet, smartphone or data glasses, we establish personal contact with the customer personnel. No further special tools are required in the customer's plant. Programs such as Microsoft Teams or TeamViewer allow for visual contact between the experts – no matter where they are in the world.

polysius® connect helps our customers to benefit from our expertise and many years of experience we have gained in the field of cement plant engineering. Together, we increase process efficiency, are more flexible, save time and cut costs.

Thorsten Nogli, Head of Commissioning

Thanks to new technologies, our experts in the remote control room are able to see and hear what our customers see and hear. This is a major advantage when it comes to quickly react and support our customers. To ensure that everything runs smoothly on both sides, we also train the customer personnel, upon the customer's request.

Whenever the need arises, our experts can provide various documents such as data sheets, technical diagrams, videos, screenshots, checklists etc. After completion of a remote service, all documents are available as documentation.

The bottom line: "Remote Operating Support", that is, support coordinated from our digital control room in order to assist our customers in operating their cement plants, is a key element of our digital services. polysius® connect is thyssenkrupp's response to the increasing demand for digitally supported remote maintenance/commissioning or comprehensive monitoring of plant performance – all this during the entire life cycle of a plant. The benefits are obvious: cost reduction, increase in process efficiency, saving of time and higher flexibility. Owing to our digital control room, our experts connect with the customers in real time – upon request, on a 24/7 basis. This is an offer already accepted by many cement producers all around the world.