Enhanced-efficiency urea granules – the way to keep or expand your market share.

thyssenkrupp and BASF, manufacturer of the widely used urease and nitrification inhibitor Limus®, have jointly developed a technology to apply Limus® in UFT® fluid bed urea granulation plants. Incorporating the inhibitor into urea granules in this way provides for far greater stability than when it is coated onto the urea granules at distributor or farm gate level. For fertilizer manufacturers this ensures that their products are still effective when they reach the farmer, even if several weeks have passed between production and application. Moving up the value chain with this technology will also allow for premium prices at manufacturer gate level. The technology is easy to implement, investment cost is low and additional operating costs are negligible.

The bottom line: thyssenkrupp offers a future-proof solution for its UFT® fluid bed granulation technology to increase nitrogen use efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with minor additional investment and little additional operating cost. This allows for increased revenues and profits at manufacturer level while at the same time complying with stringent European fertilizer regulations.