15 years accident-free - what a great success at our refinery base in Wesseling, where thyssenkrupp Uhde Engineering Services manufactures and repairs appliances and heat exchangers.

News | 19.02.2020 | Wesseling, Germany

15 years accident free

The refinery base consists of several parts which have to be shut down for inspection every five years. As a result, one part of the system is shut down at least once a year, and we need between 10 and 40 people in addition to the approximately 15 employees already on site - which makes it even more difficult to ensure security during inspection.

“Such a result is only possible if the entire team pulls together to continuously create a safe working environment. We want to be a reliable partner to our customers in the future too.”

Fred Hanschmann, Head of Occupational Health & Safety, thyssenkrupp Uhde Engineering Services.

As a symbol of gratitude for the jointly achieved goal, the entire team was presented with a sculpture with the correspondingly engraved data as part of a small ceremony.