Efficient operation,

low emissions.

Our innovative solutions – i.e. high performance heat recovery, a closed loop system for the entire sulfuric acid plant, an emission-free sulfur melting unit, and an optimized converter – reduce the emissions from sulfuric acid plants and enable their reliable, cost-efficient operation. Since our sulfuric acid plants are self-contained, they are insensitive to interruptions in production caused by frequently occurring downstream shutdowns. This minimizes the very common corrosion risk affecting your plant components and thus prolongs the design life and maintenance cycles at your plant.


One-stop shop

Thanks to our broad portfolio of various in-house technology solutions from a single source you can get an optimized tailor-made plant concept from thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions.

A range of process technologies for the production of sulfuric acid is available for feedstocks such as solid sulfur, sulfuric off-gases from mineral processing, spent sulfuric acid, and hydrogen sulfide.

As sulfuric acid is difficult to transport, it is mostly sold locally or used directly for downstream processing into more valuable products. Thus, it is common practice to build such plants locally at the place of need. That is where our extensive know-how and global presence bring you clear benefits. And at our one-stop shop you get everything you need in the most conve­nient way possible.

Comprehensive service

As your EPC partner, we can offer you a comprehensive service package ranging from feasibility studies to handing over a lump-sum turnkey plant with the entire engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) spectrum included. This way, you minimize your overall costs, including those for interface management.

As we offer our own technology, you save the typical license fee for your project and plant concepts. Sulfuric acid solutions from thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions are most certainly good for your bottom line.

The bottom line: Reduced emissions from sulfuric acid plants and reliable, cost-efficient operations are two of the key benefits of thyssenkrupp’s tailor-made one-stop-shop solutions for sulfuric acid process technologies. As the plants are self-contained, they are also insensitive to production interruptions caused by frequently occurring downstream shutdowns.